Run all the preliminary calculations (scf, phonon, nscf, and Wannier90) in the “pw-ph-wann” directory (The input files are adapted from example08 in Wannier90). Note that there are two separate folders for the Wannier step: spin-up (wann-up) and spin-down (wann-dn). Run qe2pert.x with flag spin_component='up' using wannier results from wann-up folder to obtain the ‘prefix’_epr.h5 file for the spin-up subspace (qe2pert-up). Follow similar steps for the spin-down subspace (qe2pert-dn). Run subsequent calculations with perturbo.x. Results obtained from spin-up ‘prefix’_epr.h5 file show electron-phonon calculations in the spin-up subspace, and the ones obtained from spin-down ‘prefix’_epr.h5 show electron-phonon calculations in the spin-down subspace.