In this section, we will go through two tutorial examples:

  • example01-silicon-qe2pert: to learn how to use qe2pert.x to generate a ‘prefix’_epwan.h5 file

  • example02-silicon-perturbo: to learn how to use perturbo.x to run perturbo calculations

We provide two repositories for the tutorials:

We recommend users to download the input files from the perturbo-examples-light repository and then follow the steps of the tutorials. In case of a problem at some stage, the user can download the output from the perturbo-examples-full repository. Therefore, the large perturbo-examples-full repository is only for the occasional use.

In the tutorail text, we specify the path for a given tutorial section in the following way:

The path is the same for the -light and -full repositories. We also provide a link to a given folder in the -full repository. The output files can be found in the References folder.